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Serpstat DNA

SERP aka ‘Search Engine Results Page’, something that we see and use every day but how often and how efficiently do we really understand and analyze these data that it shows to strategically win the market?

If you are into any kind of internet marketing sector, you are essentially supposed to understand the ‘contents’ and the ‘keywords’ that are dominating the internet so that you play along with it to showcase and promote your own products, tools or services. But how?

Today, we are going to talk about one such tool that will help us solve these issues like a Pro.

Presenting ‘Serptat’

Serpstat is an All-in-one SEO platform that will help you know your competitors and analyze their winning strategy and then suggest you the ways to beat them in most efficient manner.

There are five major sections in the Serpstat: 1. Position Tracking, 2. Backlink Analysis, 3. Site Audit, 4. Competitor Research and 5. Keyword research. There is a bonus tool section as well but currently in beta.


Just a heads-up. This Deal DNA report is really in-depth and long. So, If you are in hurry to meet someone or going for a date, here is the short synopsis of this whole post to help you make a quick decision.

Wise choice

Serpstat DNA

Serpstat is a mature, stable and precisely efficient SEO tool with strong capabilities to stand with industry leaders like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

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Serpstat Deal Link
  • Product Stability
  • Features & Funtionality
  • Design (UI & UX)
  • Market Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Social Presence
  • Value For Money

Company Background

Serpstat was founded by Oleg Salamaha and Artyom Borodatyuk. Artyom Borodatyuk also founded Netpeak, a digital marketing agency in 2006 and considered one of the most popular media agency in Ukraine. Serpstat was first released in January 2013 with the name Prodvigator. But then in March 2015, it was introduced in the USA market with the new name ‘Serpstat’.

Their offices are currently located in Odessa, Ukraine and New York, USA. There are total 50+ employees working in this startup.

The domain was registered on 22nd October 2014 and it is guarded with Whois Privacy settings. The primary website and the dashboard is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Funding Report

Serpstat was funded $250K in a seed round of funding in October 2014.

Social Presence

Serpstat is officially present on all major social media platforms. They have two official Facebook pages, one targeted towards Russian language users ( with 11K+ likes) other for the English language audience (with 2K+ likes). Serpstat has 2655 followers on Twitter, 1492 followers on LinkedIn and 1026 subscribers on YouTube. The team seems fairly active on all these platforms with last publishing activities recorded just a few hours to a few days ago on all these platforms.

Market Reviews & Recognition

Serpstat was featured on ProductHunt on 5th October 2016 and is still among one of the most upvoted SEO tools with 1500+ upvotes.

On G2Crowd, Serpstat received 4.7 out of 5 stars from 122 reviews while on Capterra, it received 5 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews.

It also received ‘Rising Start Award-2016’ and ‘Great User Experience Award-2017’ organized by FinancesOnline. It is ranked at #3 position ahead of Moz Pro and Ahrefs in the SEO category of

Website Frontend DNA

SerpStat looks pretty solid in every matter. It is well-designed, fully-responsive and consistent with its brand theme and color.

The Serpstat website includes all the essential elements that a professional SaaS website should have, like Features, Pricing, About Us, Contact us, FAQ page etc. There are separate Knowledge and community section which further gives detailed info about things like Use Cases, User Guide, Blog, Guest Post, Testimonials, Affiliate Program, and Discounts etc.

Legal pages like Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Affiliate agreement page is also included clearly in the footer section. Though I couldn’t find any direct info or link related to GDPR compliance.

Official social channels ( Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter) are clearly linked on their homepage. The website also has ‘Intercom based chat’ option for the instant support.

Dashboard DNA/ User Onboarding

The Serpstat Dashboard is pretty clean, minimal and easy to use and understand. There is no separate URL for signing in. You just need to go to their homepage i.e. and click sign in button at the top right corner. Once signed in, you will notice a new item called ‘list of the project’ in the extreme left of the top right header menu,

Once you click it, you will be redirected to the project section of the Serpstat dashboard. Though there is no step-by-step walk-through user-guiding kind of thing available when you first log in to the dashboard, still, the names of these options and features are very much self-explanatory.

You will notice various feature section on the left vertical bar. From the top right, you can change the language as well ( available website language- English, Russian and Ukrainian) Here you will also notice the number of queries left for the day based on your plan.

Noteworthy Features

1. Website Analysis
2. Keyword Research
3. Backlink Analysis
4. Rank Tracker
5. Site Audit,
6. Keywords Quality Control and
7.Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics

Under each of these primary feature sections, there are many sub-sections. Here is a brief GIF tour of all the subsections under these primary sections:

Serpstat currently has regional google databases of these countries – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and hence you will be able to get the most accurate data about keywords only from these countries in particular.

Many of these features are common to all other popular and premium SEO tools like Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs etc. So, I am not going to discuss them all here. One of the biggest assets with Serpstat is their highly documented knowledge base posts. These are published under ”Serpstat Academy‘ ( Link: and Tutorial Section ( Link: )  and I will highly recommend you to read them.

Out of so many features, I like the one called “Missing Keywords” under the “Web Analytics / URL Analysis”. So, if you search for your own blog-post URL, It will basically tell you about those keywords for which competitor’s page rank in Top-10 while these keywords are missing from your blog post. So, by analyzing them, you can add these missing keywords in your blog post and easily rank higher afterward.

For the content marketers, there is one awesome feature inside “Keyword Research / Content Marketing ” section. It’s called “Search Questions”

Suppose you want to write a content on ‘Donald Trump‘. So, when you searched for this term and it will give you various article ideas by displaying the most popular keywords that often gets written with the keyword ‘Donald Trump’ and will also display a list of questions related to your searched term.

Serpstat has also recently launched a new feature kit called “Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics”. It is basically the mass grouping of uploaded keywords and the URL analysis and recommendations on the page SEO ( This feature is still in beta)

Here is the brief introduction of the “Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics” from the official YouTube channel of Serpstat.

Serpstat also provides a chrome extension to get any website analytics with just one click. Here is Chrome extension link – It has received 31 five-star ratings in the Chrome extension store. Below is the complete Serpstat statistics about their complete database at various locations. You can view this data directly here-

Pricing Analysis

First of all, let’s look at the regular pricing structure of Serpstat. There is mainly two major categorization of the pricing plan:

  1. Personal Plan: Plan – A, B, C and D
  2. Business Plan: Plan – E, F, G and H

Here is the snapshot of their Personal pricing plans:

If you opt for the yearly plan, you will get 20% discount on the total annual pricing. While under monthly personal plan-A and B and C, you just have to pay $1 for the first month.

One thing to note that the visibility of various features that you see on the vertical left side of the Serpstat Dashboard depends on whether you are searching for a keyword or a URL.

So, for example, if you are searching for a keyword, you will notice ‘Related Keywords’ feature on the left vertical, while you will not see/find this feature if you are searching for a URL. So, don’t panic if you don’t see some features sometimes. 🙂 Here is what I mean:

Customer Support

Serpstat is one of the most well-maintained SaaS product I have ever seen. They have documented almost everything. For SEO related customer knowledge enhancement, they have a section called ‘Serpstat Academy’ ( Link: ) and for the Serpstat specific knowledge base, they have a tutorial section on their website ( Link: Under the tutorial section, they have demonstrated each and every feature which are available on their dashboard.

For instant queries, you can use Intercom based chat box. Today, when I messaged them on intercom one of the customer executive responded after 32 minutes with a ‘sorry for delay’ message. Well, it’s still quite responsive compared to many other SaaS chat experiences. 🙂

You can also write them at for the general or technical support. Direct phone support is also available for the higher plans.

They are also very active on social media, So, if you have some sales or business related questions, you may try to tweet them as well.

Comparison with Competitors.

Serpstat competes mainly with two big names in the SEO industry – SEMrush and Ahrefs. SEMrush is considered the best tool for keyword research and competition analysis while Ahrefs is known for their near-perfect backlink analysis.

Mohan Raj from compared keyword results data from SEMrush and Serpstat in the following chart

He also compared Serpstat with Ahrefs for the ‘backlink data’ of many popular sites.

Serpstat performed really well in both these comparisons.


Serpstat is already a stable and mature product hence they don’t have any public roadmap as such. Though they keep users updated with the latest happenings through their blog’s news section

Mobile Apps/Extension/Integration

There is no Android or iOS App for Serpstat. Though they have a chrome extension that you can download from here. You can also integrate Serpstat on Google Spreadsheet using SeoTools for Excel. Read more about this integration here.


Wise choice

Serpstat DNA

Serpstat is a mature, stable and precisely efficient SEO tool with strong capabilities to stand with industry leaders like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Click Here
Serpstat Deal Link
  • Product Stability
  • Features & Funtionality
  • Design (UI & UX)
  • Market Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Social Presence
  • Value For Money

The main aim of this post is to make you aware of the all the possible information which are available online related to this tool so that you can make a well-informed purchase decision without investing much time into it. We share mere facts the final purchase decision will always be yours


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  • Loving this review. Pretty awesome. I wish every single deal had a review like this. Thanks dealdepth.

    • Thanks, Tomasz. :)

      We will try to do our best to bring as much in-depth deal review as possible since I personally love understanding the SaaS products.

      But, It requires a lot of time and hard work. So, not sure how far we will be able to move it forward ( or if maybe you have monetization suggestions, you are welcome :)

  • The level of in-depth review of this deal and I'm sure other deals across the rest of your website is stellar and phenomenal!

    I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into researching and writing so I can only tell u job amazingly done and keep it up!

    Hope to see some chatbot development SaaS deals reviews over here to pick the best ones out there.


    • Thank you so much Ziad. We have just started though but will keep adding more in-depth SaaS reporting in coming days.

      Yes! As per some discussions online, a chatbot saas deal is coming. :) Stay tuned and subscribe our list for direct updates.


  • Their tools seem like they would be excellent with better data availability. The database they are using appears to be the same heavily curated Google Analytics data from over a year ago that all the cheaper SEO tools use. This is kinda worthless for anybody trying to do organic keyword research.

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