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Landbot DNA

2018 is the year of community and communication when every marketer wants to be able to connect with their potential customers as closely as possible using all available mediums like Closed Facebook groups, Slack chat rooms, WhatsApp groups etc. They want to listen to their issues and feedback with more personal touch because it’s a proven fact that personalized communication really works.

But as the number of users increases and community gets bigger, it becomes more and more difficult to interact closely. In such cases, even thinking of doing one-to-one conversation with every potential customer becomes almost impossible.

This is where the chat-bots come into the picture. A chat-bot ( or bot ) is an intelligent programmable tool which mimics a real-life one-to-one human conversation. Today, we are doing a DNA report on one of such chatbot creating platforms.

Presenting Landbot

Landbot is a chatbot creating platform for marketers to develop multiple bots to be able to create a great conversational experience for their website visitors so that they can engage them in best possible manner and boost conversions without any coding knowledge.

You can use it as a website landing page, a banner or as a widget with more than 20 visual elements to customize and give your bot a unique brand new look.

It uses conversational Interface instead of ‘Natural Language Processing’‎ to match user expectations.

A Facebook Group has recently launched a lifetime deal on Landbot exclusively for just $49 one-time payment. In this post, we have gathered all essential insightful information that will help you make the right decision of whether you should buy this deal or not.

But before we go into the details, here are the key points about this exclusive deal.

What’s the deal?

Get lifetime access to Landbot Profession plan for just $49, It includes:

– Unlimited blocks.
– Conditional Logic.
– MailChimp/Stripe/Zapier integration.
– Human takeover.
– Send Webhook.

But there will be a ‘Landbot’ branding in the above-mentioned plan. If you want to remove this branding, you have to pay $49 extra ( and hence total $98 to resemble the regular Professional plan).

Summary ( TL;DR,)

This tool is pretty stable, smooth and fully functional even though it was started just a year before. It has received massive positive reviews on ProductHunt ( total 3600+ up-votes and 55+ positive reviews for their beta and main launch page on PH ). This modern chatbot tool is recommended for any website owner or marketer who wants to generate leads, create surveys, FAQ, product launch pages etc. This tool will also help them in managing and analyzing these leads or survey results to further modify their targeting strategies.

There are many cool features like conditional logic, Zapier integration, human takeover and webhook that makes this tool great. Their regular pricing seems to be fair and but not on the cheaper side. But if we talk about the deal pricing, $49 ( $98 without branding) for all these features seems to be highly lucrative.

On the drawback side, I currently find no option to upload your own fonts or video background at this moment. The ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ option is also not part of this deal.

Now, It’s time to dive deeper.

Company Background

Landbot was founded by Jiaqi Pan and Fran Conejos in July 2017. They are based in Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. This is currently 10 members of their team with Antonio Espinosa, Cristóbal Villar García, and Fernando Guirao as other three core members after Fran Conejos and Jiaqi Pan.

The domain was registered on 5th May 2017 through Jiaqi Panis is listed as the registrant of this domain, while the registrant organization is HELLO UMI S.L.

The Whois Privacy setting is not active in this domain.The primary website and the dashboard is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Funding Report

Landbot is a bootstrapped company and there is no known funding report available online. Though some reports suggest that they received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Carlos Blanco Vazquez, Iker Marcaide, and Fundación de la Innovación Bankinter.

Social Presence

Landbot is officially present on all major social media platforms. At the time of writing this DNA report, It has total 65 likes on Facebook, 332 followers on Twitter and 91 followers on LinkedIn. The last post published on Facebook was on 18th April 2018. On Twitter, the last tweet was made just a few hours ago while on LinkedIn, the last publishing activity was recorded 4 weeks ago.

Though they don’t seem very active on above mentioned social media platforms, they are fairly active on blogging platform Medium where they keep writing new product related blogs, insights, and updates.

Reviews & Recognition

Since it’s less than a year old startup, it hasn’t gathered much mainstream media attention on the internet till now. Though, it was a big hit on ProductHunt and had been featured three times till now. It was first featured on ProductHunt on 27th September 2017 as a beta product and received 1900+ upvotes and 12+ positive reviews. It was the number-1 product of that day.

On 21st November 2017, Landbot was launched again as a full ready product and was massively successful again with 1700+ upvotes and 45+ positive reviews.

Just 2 months ago, Landbot was again featured on PH with their V3.0 on and gathered 1100+ upvotes and 24+ positive reviews. It was seen on Betalist as well on 11th May 2017 and received 32+ upvotes.

It hasn’t been listed on G2Crowd or Capterra yet for reviews.

Website Frontend DNA

The Landbot website looks pretty sleek, smooth and modern. It is unique in a sense that they have used their own chatbot as a landing page.

It is very minimal yet colorful. There is nothing on the homepage apart from two clickable buttons and the chatbot. It is well-designed, fully responsive, fast and has maintained consistency in brand theme and color everywhere.

Though it sometimes feels frustrating to go through the chat process again and again if you wanted to look at the pricing section or the key features once again.

Surprisingly enough, the Landbot doesn’t appear to have other essential elements that professional SaaS website should have, like Pricing Page, About Us, Contact us, FAQ page etc. But further, I noticed that some of these pages can be found once you register to this tool. ( Like Pricing Page and FAQ page )

It’s also difficult to find legal pages like Privacy Policy, Terms of Service as well on the website which usually should be listed under the footer section. Though I was able to find Terms page under the registration window ( You can find terms page here – )

Official social channel ( Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter) links are also missing on their homepage. There is no support ‘chat’ option for the instant support.

I believe they should re-think about included few of these elements clearly on their website.

Dashboard DNA/ User Onboarding

The Landbot User Dashboard is one of the most colorful and shiny dashboards I have ever seen. It’s sleek, colorful yet clean with most of the functionalities listed on the left and the top dashboard bar.

The user onboarding starts with their chatbot based registration process where it asks you for the name and email ID, while if you want to make a shortcut, you can directly visit this registration page here-

I loved the precise detailing of the work that this design team has done here.Look at the animated chat-bot kinda title on the top of the registration popup. It looks impressive.

When you first enter the dashboard, it will guide with an actionable step-by-step walk-through and within 2 minutes you will be able to understand this very straightforward chat-building platform.

Noteworthy Features

The chat-bot creation process is very simple yet functionally very rich. There are mainly five steps or sections for every bot that you create. These are – Builder, Design, Setting, Share, Analysis.

After going through the first walk-through, I would highly recommend you to use some of the available templates to start your design process and then modify it according to your need.

The design process starts with Builder option. Have a look at the gif screenshot to get an overview of what kind of features are available in the builder section

Once you complete creating the bot, it’s time to design them based on your choice

Almost every aspect of the bot can be customized with the design option. There are 20+ visual elements to change. You can change the logo, avatar, colors, background, fonts etc..everything.

To simplify the process, they have also provided 6 pre-made templates. Additionally, you can even use your own custom CSS and JS as well if you are a little advance player.

Then there is the setting page

Under the setting page, you can edit custom responses, add meta title, upload meta image, favicon and site description for search engines and also add Google Analytics ID for traffic tracking purposes. You can remove branding, disable the landbot for some time or even delete it under the setting section.

Next, under the share section, you have an option to directly share the bot on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc,

Or you can choose how do you want your landbot to display. There are three options – full page mode, widget mode, and live chat mode.

For the advanced users, it also provides the conditional Logic option and integration option with MailChimp, Stripe, and Zapier or you may use Webhook as well. With Zapier integration, You can email to Hubspot, leads to Google Sheets or feedback to Airtable etc. without any manual efforts. You can also export the data in.CSV format and perform the desired action afterward.

One most wanted feature that I loved is the ability for “Human takeover” which means you too can join the conversation as a human and hence increasing the likability of converting your visitors.

Deal Analysis

First of all, let’s look at the regular pricing structure of landbot. Here is a snapshot of their pricing page

Here is the list of all the features included in the regular plans

You can visit the pricing page directly here-


What’s Included?

Under this lifetime deal $49, you will get everything that is part of their regular professional plan except the option to ‘remove landbot branding’

What’s not included?

The option to ‘remove landbot branding’ is not included in the $49 lifetime plan. But If you want to remove branding as well, you have to invest $49 more ( so total $98 for everything of their Pro plan without any exception. Also, as per the recent clarification, WhatsApp Messenger, ‘Message API’ and ‘Callback’ feature is not part of this deal

Do remember that all through the plan says unlimited per month but the following are the actual limitations of these plans.

Customer Support

There is a knowledge-base section on Landbot which describes each and every feature in detail with their training material.

You can visit their well-documented knowledge base page here –

In case you need any instant help, there is intercom based chat option available as well. You can also email for any kind of support.

They also have a YouTube Channel which has many long hour webinars, demo and tutorial videos. Here is there YouTube channel link –


Landbot has the functionality of an automated chatbot + human-enabled live chat as well. But since it’s major focus is on Autobots, it mainly competes with Hellotars in that segment. There is one upcoming player coming in this segment called ‘ZoFlow’ which has almost similar features as that of Landbot.

Though, Landbot is fully matured and stable product while Zoflow still needs some time to come at this stage, mainly in terms of design.  On the other side, Hellotars is pretty stable in that term though have some extra cool features like On-Domain Deployment, Partial Data, Custom Redirection and more demo templates but the overall design aspects Landbot makes it more marketable and useful.


There is no public roadmap available for this tool.


Landbot can be flawlessly integrated with MailChimp, Stripe, and Zapier or you may use Webhook as well.

Frequently Asked Queries

1. Is this deal stackable?

No, and there is no such need as well.

With $49 – yes. If you invest $98 – No

3. Is there the custom-domain option?

Though you can embed the widget on your website and there is no such need for the custom domain as such. But there is no ‘custom domain’ option if you want to remove the ‘’ from URL as well for sharing purposes.

4. Is this tool GDPR compliant?

Landbot will be fully GDPR compliant till may end as per the founder.

5. Is there a public roadmap of this tool available?

I couldn’t find any

6. Are future updates included in this deal?

No information on this

7. Is there any direct upsell?


8. Once upgraded to the higher plan, can we again downgrade back to the lifetime plan in the future, if needed?

No clear information on this.

9. Is direct live chat support included/available?

Yes! Direct Intercom chat support is available and included in the lifetime plan.

10. Is this tool featured on ProductHunt?

Yes! here is the link: ( 1700+ upvotes )

11. Was this tool ever on JVzoo?


12. Is there SSL active on the website and dashboard?


13. Is there any demo link or tutorial video for this tool?

Yes! There is an official YouTube channel of Serpstat with all required tutorials and information. Click this link to visit the YouTube channel.

14. Is there any FREE plan or trial available for this tool?

Yes! There is a FREE plan available with 100 free chat options per month and with limited features and ‘Landbot’ branding. There’s a 7-day money-back guarantee on every plan.

15. Is there any White-label option available?

With $98, you will get this tool without ‘Landbot’ branding

16. Is Zapier Integration available/included in this deal?


17. Deal Summary Snapshot


Wise choice

Landbot DNA

Landbot is a powerful, colorful yet easy to use chatbot tool for lead generation, surveys, and landing page design.

  • Product Stability
  • Features & Funtionality
  • Design (UI & UX)
  • Market Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Social Presence
  • Value For Money

The main aim of this post is to make you aware of the all the possible information which is available online related to this tool so that you can make a well-informed purchase decision without investing much time into it. We share mere facts, but the final purchase decision will always be yours.

It takes a lot of time and efforts to collect all these data and then present them in an insightful format here. We couldn't find any good monetization plan till now to support this project for long period of time. We sometimes use 'affiliate link' in our post but don't have any affiliation with Landbot for this write-up.So, the only way to support this project would be to subscribe to our mailing list. So, if you wish, do subscribe below.

Note: This DNA report is not a static blog post that can not be changed. So, I need your help to make it more accurate, updated and valuable by adding your queries, comments, and suggestions below. We also encourage you to write your own experience in the comment section once you have purchased and used this tool.


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