About Us

Hello awesome people,

Happy to see you here. 🙂 Before I start talking about DealDepth, a little about me.

I am Nitesh Manav, primarily responsible for discovering, researching, reviewing and publishing in-depth articles here on DealDepth.com ( we call it DNA aka Detailed Noteworthy Analysis )

Nitesh Manav - DealDepth

I live in New Delhi, one of the prominent urban city of India which also serves as the capital of this amazing country. 🙂 I left my regular job back in 2015 to pursue several of my dreams. I am currently working on a few interesting startup projects like Tomatoheart, PressPeace, and 1Link2.win.

DealDepth is one of my side projects which I started out of my own need and interest.

What is DealDepth?

As it appears clearly from the name, DealDepth is an online portal where we go literally in-depth of a saas tool or online product which offers ( or planning to offer ) a great limited time deal.

We hunt all over all the internet to find all the interesting facts about the SaaS tools/products that we have chosen to put our effort in.  We thoroughly test the tool for 4-5 days to find its usability features. functionality, ease of use, user-onboarding process, pricing structure, UI, support quality, responsiveness, performance ( speed/lag), pros, cons etc. and also compare it with other available alternatives. After all this, we publish a comprehensive in-depth article in about 2000-3000 words, which we call DNA Reports

Why DealDepth?

I love SaaS tools and already spend a lot of time reading, researching and analyzing various cool tools and then try to find any great deals on it. My go-to portals for great online tech deals are ProductHunt, Betalist, Siftery, AppSumo, StackSocial and some independent SaaS lover groups.

Though many times, Just because of FOMO, I have been guilty of investing in wrong products and hence wasted my time, effort and money. and sadly, there are many of us who still do the same and then regret later.

FOMO at DealDepth


After investing in hundreds of lifetime deals, I believe I have learned a lot about how to recognize a good product by creating a smart decision-making checklist for this.

With all this experience, I have started this project to help all such people.

The primary aim of DealDepth is to help users make a well-informed and wise purchase decision to save their time and money in the long run.

What is DNA Report?

On DealDepth website, DNA is the short form of Detailed Noteworthy Analysis. So, the DNA report is basically an in-depth audit of a SaaS tool which we cover on DealDepth.

What It means for SaaS Founders?

If you have gone through any of our DNA reports, you must have already understood that its not an easy path to pass through for any weak-kneed products. We severely drill down the chosen tool on dozens of important parameters before publishing the DNA report. So, it’s kind of challenging for SaaS owners to put their tool on DNA test here.

But for those who really believe in their products and care enough to make it fully ready, stable and scalable, there is a lot of value in here for them. If you are SaaS own, I highly recommend you read this post to understand the value of DNA reporting in founder’s perspective. 

Well, that’s it. 🙂 If you have anything to share with us or have any feedback for us ( even if its negative ), feel free to contact me using this link