For SaaS Founders

Are you looking for a glib talker or somebody with a magic wand to promote your product?

Well, then you are knocking a wrong door!

We are absolutely straight and blunt.

 – Because that’s what we do best.

 – Because that’s exactly what our audience loves.

 – And that’s precisely what your end users are seeking as well.

If you have gone through any of our DNA reports, you must have already understood that its not an easy path to pass through for any weak-kneed products. 

We severely drill down the chosen tool on dozens of important parameters before publishing the DNA report.

This makes it quite obvious for many SaaS owners to never think to get DNA reported here.

So, can you take it SaaS founders?

Well, if you really care about your product and do want to grow it in a long-term business, keep reading this.

Have you ever used your tool the way your actual subscribers will use it?

Have you ever looked at your tool the way your actual users will look at it?

Have you ever experienced how it feels to enter your tool's dashboard for the very first time?

Technically it’s not possible.

Being the founder, you know your tool in and out. In fact, you are so habitual to play with it that you never realized how easy or difficult it could be for the real target end users.

But it’s important. Very important!

Getting honest and real feedback from the end users can be a time-consuming and lengthy process. But it is absolutely needed for any product to stabilize and scale. Sadly, there is no fully efficient shortcut to it.

Is there a way out? Definitely yes!

After investing thousands of dollars, using hundreds of SaaS tools and reading the uncalculated number of research articles, user guides and reviews for years, our team has gained the considerable amount of experience in auditing online tools with end user's perspective.

As our portal name says, we dive really deep to get every possible detail about the tool we choose for the DNA reporting. Our main motto is to help readers know every important aspect of the tool so that they can make a wise purchase decision in the least possible time.

Do note that our DNA report isn't like a sponsored post or paid review. We charge for the time and effort we put into writing the most resourceful article ever written on your product.

Below we listed a few major highlights of what we do while creating the DNA reports.

Also, Kindly go through any of the published DNA reports on our site to understand the format and structure our review.

Major Highlights of DNA

Indepth SEO Audit

A detailed checking & report (in approx. 10-20 pages) of search engine indexation, rankings, broken links and images, duplicate content, poor mobile usability, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, robots.txt check-ups including keyword- and page-specific optimization advice.

Landing Page Analysis

Checking UI/UX, Design, Ease of use, navigation menu, permalink, Mobile responsiveness, CTA effectiveness, Important pages,, SSL, GDPR compliance, Alexa rank, SimilarWeb, GTMetrix, Pingdom performance etc.

Bugs Report & Feedback

We will send you pointwise bugs report after using your tools thoroughly for 3-4 days ( ofcourse only if we actually found some. 🙂 ) including any improvement suggestions and feedback if needed.

Users Onboarding & Dashboard Audit

Going through the full customer journey starting from landing on your homepage to the signup process and then using all the important features and functionalities available under the dashboard.


Run a deal without paying commission

Think it as a Kickstarter for the SaaS. Usually any deal site takes approx. 40% to 70% commission for running a deal. With DNA Prime and DNA Ultra plan, you can save thousands of dollars by running a lifetime deal or discounted deal on without paying any share or commission to us.

Online Reputation Check

We check your SaaS tool's reputation on the internet by hunting sites like Betalist, ProductHunt, G2Crowd, Capterra, Quora, Reddit and other individual blog sites, forums etc. including any specific Media coverage, awards or other notable mentions. 

Indepth DNA Report

We will publish an in-depth DNA report (in approx. 2,000 to 3,000 words) on your SaaS tool (or online product) so that your end users will never have to search the whole internet just to know who you are and what your tool does.

Customer Support Analysis

Checking the availability of knowledge base and support documentation, Language support, demos, tutorial videos, training materials, customer support responsiveness. business hours details etc.

Being honest to our readers is our utmost priority but we also want to help you grow your business and give your product right positive online exposure.

I want DNA report for my SaaS. What should I do now?

Writing a review of this scale takes a considerable amount of time and effort. It easily takes 5-6 days of time to collect all the relevant info, test, note and finally publish it in a well-written format. 

Below we have listed our introductory pricing plan for the DNA reporting.

Introductory DNA Reporting Plan

Kindly choose the plan which best suits your current need.

DNA Root

$ 139
  • Ideal for Internal Use
  • Company Profile & Background Research
  • Online Reputation Audit
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Website Frontend Audit
  • User On-boarding & dashboard audit
  • Customer Support Analysis
  • Bugs & Feedback Report
  • Approx Delivery Time: 5-6 Days

DNA Prime

$ 199
  • Everything included DNA Root plan +
  • DNA Report Writing in 2K-3K words & publishing on DealDepth
  • Sharing DNA report with DealDepth subscribers & social followers
  • Product Backlink with prominent CTA
  • Use DNA Report to run your own deal & drive sales.
  • No Affiliate link or commissions on the deal you run here.
  • Approx time of delivery: 7-8 Days.
Best Value

DNA Ultra

$ 249
  • Ultimate package for product feedback and exposure.
  • Everything included in DNA Prime plan +
  • Ability to defer or disallow the publication of DNA report
  • You can request for re-audit after fixing bugs or working on users feedback
  • No Affiliate link placement for the deals you run even on other sites.
  • Convert DNA Report in an Evergreen Review after deal ends.
  • Approx. Delivery Time: 8-9 Days

DNA Free: Based on our time availability, we randomly choose a SaaS tool and publish it’s DNA Report for free if it gives a good first impression and is offering some great deal online somewhere on the internet.

If you are ready to take this plunge, kindly fill the form below and you will definitely hear back from us within 17 hours, if your tool gets approved for the DNA reporting.

Note: DNA root plan is available for all tools irrespective of their current stage ( alpha, beta, etc.) while we do initial screening of tools for DNA Prime and DNA Ultra plan. Don't worry we don't charge if your tools don't get selected.