Action Recorder by CustomerLabs

No-coding alternative to Google Tag Manager.

Action Recorder lets you set up event tracking on your website without writing code and sync the events data with 100+ tools including marketing data lake, analytics, CRMs, ad platforms and data warehouses.

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Vishnu VankayalaMaker@vishnuvvn · CEO, CustomerLabs
Thanks Kevin for hunting our product. This is a big launch for us and already traffic has been shooting up. We created this product to cater the need of digital marketers in SMB's who want to understand their users but have to rely on developers for tracking and instrumenting their website. Rather relying on them, marketers can now start tracking events along with attributes and send that data to segment or zapier without a single line of custom code. This is just a beginning and there's a lot to come.
VishnuMaker@architectux · UX designer, CustomerLabs
The only purpose in our mind is to make digital marketers life easy. We worked with many iterations and come up with this product. Gone through many design sprints and mockups to make the flow as easy as possible. With our Action Recorder, marketers need not to be worry about having any coding skills or developer's help. You can track your actions in few clicks. It is a purpose build product with one goal to make marketers life pleasant. We concentrated more on the design and aesthetics. User Experience is the key for a successful product. It is not just a dashboard with data. We designed in a way like a assistant with you who can guide you throughout the process. We are Live now. Do check us out. We are really happy that we are on a mission of solving problems faced by digital marketers and push marketers to meet their deadlines with ease. Happy to assist you. If you had any queries we are here to help you out. Happy to be Hunted. Action Recorder - Made with love for Digital Marketers.
Sathish Jayaram@scriperdj · Software Engineer, CustomerLabs Inc
It feels great to be hunted. We made this product to address the painful task of writing codes each and every time in order to track user actions in any web application. No more changing the application code & waiting for deployment each time you want to track an event. If you are a non-developer you will immediately fall in love with the ease of use as it just takes few clicks to record an action. The next time when a user takes the action, you can track them using your favorite tools. Check out now & let us know if you go any doubts.
Sureshkumar G@hisureshg · Co,Founder - CEO at MacAppStudio
@scriperdj Congrats on launching
Vishnu VankayalaMaker@vishnuvvn · CEO, CustomerLabs
@hisureshg @scriperdj Thanks Suresh.. Looking forward to receiving your feedback.
Asim AliMaker@simzaolly · Co-founder, CustomerLabs
Being a digital marketer myself, I know what it takes to manage campaigns across platforms and measure them. That's why we decided to build Action Recorder. An easy solution to help you track website events and share data to the tools you love. Get better at understanding your target audience and run efficient Digital Marketing Campaigns. Power to you. If you have any feedback, please do share and we would be happy to incorporate that into our product. More updates coming soon. :) Love you all.
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Track user events on your websites, without writing a single line of code and send data to your favourite tools for real-time tracking, onboarding, drip marketing and re-targeting your users.